Kristin’s first memory of making her own art revolves around a giant coloring book that her grandmother gave her when she was about four. The book was accompanied by brand new box of Crayola – Crayons 64-Pack with Built-In Sharpener – the box with the sharpener in the back. One of the best Christmas presents she ever received. She spent hours creating new colors and filling in the shapes of animals, flowers and princesses. And thus her art career began.

Throughout her years at school, Kristin took all the art classes she could fit into her schedule. In college, she decided to follow her head and focus in on Marketing, as well as, Studio Art. After graduation, her Marketing career took off, but her paintbrushes began to collect dust. On a whim years later, she enrolled in an oil painting class in Boston. With that one class, she knew she had to make time to follow her heart.

Her New Year’s resolution in 2001 was to have her art shown in a public event by the end of the year. She accomplished this goal as her art hung in Women in Media show in New York City. Over the years, she has since had her art shown in several different locations in Hoboken.

After taking some time off, Kristin has again decided to follow her heart and is reinvigorating her career in the art world. Her portfolio includes oil and acrylic paintings, cra pas sketches, monoprints, beer/wine labels, prints, photographs and note cards. Her artwork can also be licensed out for a multitude of programs.

Kristin collects photos of flowers that catch her eye for their color, shape and overall beauty. She pulls the images apart and put them back together with her thick brush strokes and vivid use of color. While her paintings are inspired by Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe, her paintings are always flowers as she sees them.